We are on a roll in Japan. Our product is known, and our growing store list averages 400 crepes sold per day. They average $30,000 monthly average per store, out of 100 square foot buildings! We choose our partners and our locations carefully to keep increasing our monthly average revenue.   In Japan, we look for kiosk locations in high traffic areas like shopping malls, train stations, game centers, amusement parks, and streets.

Our franchisees in Asia get a winning formula:

  • A world class brand
  • The best tasting crepe
  • Easy operations
  • High volume sales
  • Few Employees
  • And a great bottom line

Weekends are the peak times…it’s a 7-day operation. Most locations are open from 10am to 9pm.

We know exactly how to make it happen in Japan. We operate several company-owned locations, so our advice on location, staffing, design, and operations is crucial to your success.

Also, we support our franchisees with a world-class training facility, located in the heart of Tokyo; and field supervisors who know the business inside and out. We've proven our ability to serve the best-tasting crepes in high-traffic venues. Our speed of service is unmatched in the industry.

For all these reasons, our partners are some of the best in business in Japan…Sega Enterprises, Taito, and Atlus are among our franchisees. Our location partners include Chelsea Premium Outlet Malls, Kokusai Kogyo, and Matahari. These large companies understand the benefits of Crazy Crepes for their overall business, both as franchisees and as landlords who see us as a traffic driver that makes their properties more competitive.

Two of our American principles, Ben Kitay and Greg Petro, spend an average of 5 months per year in Japan, helping our business grow by expanding our list of partners, nurturing our relationships with our current partners, and overseeing operational and marketing aspects of the business.

For more information, please see http://www.craftfooz.co.jp/